Important Information about Cambridge Biotherapies

Cambridge Biotherapies provide an effective way to combat depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They involve treatments such as ketamine and TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Unlike other antidepressants that are used by patients suffering from depression, TMS and Ketamine provide the solution to patients that have not benefited from other forms of treatment. These medications, which are provided by Cambridge Biotherapies, provide a non-medication solution to deal with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. At Cambridge Biotherapies, they use the latest equipment to provide better solutions to those dealing with mental illnesses. They are also dedicated and carry out more research on how to combat various illnesses.

It is important that you know exactly how this product work. TMS basically targets the magnetic pulses from the brain that stimulate the symptoms of various disorders. There are also other measures in place that help to inhibit the overactive areas of the brain especially for patients dealing with compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety as well. Cambridge Biotherapies also provide consultations to patients as well as working in conjunction with other clinics to provide the best treatment. Apart from TMS and Ketamine, Cambridge Biotherapies also provide other treatment protocols such as Theta Burst that works more effectively than TMS and also has a shorter treatment period as compared to the other standard protocols.

The TMS and Ketamine treatments also prove to be beneficial in that the medication is free from side effects and works effectively in providing the necessary treatment. It is important to note that the medication and the treatment procedures that are employed at Cambridge Biotherapies are FDA-approved and give you the assurance that they are legitimate and provide approved medical services to those dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. The fact that TMS has a low-risk profile makes it a more effective and  a suitable treatment method for patients that have a hard time dealing with the side effects caused by most antidepressants. Get to know more about this company here!

TMS and Ketamine protocols that are provided by Cambridge Biotherapies also enhance other cognitive functions and do not affect the cognitive functioning of the brain whatsoever thus making it rare for any seizures to occur. Cambridge Biotherapies also help patients to submit their insurance claims. You can inquire with them about the insurance providers that they work with so that you can have your bill covered. Apart from that, they provide solutions to patients that are unable to afford the billing cost or those that do not have insurance coverage to cover for the cost of the TMS and Ketamine treatments. Check this website to get more information about therapy


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